Notice : Incorporated 5 year's before Ujala Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
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Logo Our Ethos
  • The sun symbol and the mission line “A path towards your dreams” is collectively referred to as the Ujala Logo.
  • The company's name is represented in red capital letters. The typeface represents the confidence of the enterprise; emphasizes enthusiasm & signifies a pioneering spirit for being integral part of the Group's ethos.
  • The sun is a combination of Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet & Blue Indigo. Each color symbolizes a strong commitment towards the group.
  • Sunshine depicts cheerfulness, happiness, geniality & a foundation towards new scope. A house within the sun along with tree & birds symbolizes beauty of nature which blossoms on your dreams to be built within our home.
  • Logo has a strong vision to spread scope a new shine all over the world.


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